The different education system between Canada and China

Many people think China and Canada’s education system are very similar. However they have some different parts.
Firstly, students in china they have to study very hard since they are in primary school. They do not have much time play with friends. Compare with Canada, student have more time play with their friends they do not need study hard as Chinese students does.
Secondly, student in china they get lots allowance from their parents. They do not need make money for themselves although they are in University. Compare with Chinese students, students in Canada they are more independents, no matter how rich they are, they always make allowance for themselves they work very hard for themselves.
Thirdly, students study in china they have to pay more tuition fees because education in china is not free. In the opposite, student in Canada they do not need pay the tuition fees because the government will pay tuition fees for all students.
Overall, education in Canada and China is very different. Hoverer I would like to prefer Canada‘s education system because it is pretty cool.


My favourite quotation

“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.”

― Dhirubhai Ambani, Against All Odds: A Story Of Courage, Perseverance And Hope

I like this quotation. Because it tell me, everyone should build their own dreams. Be positive in people’s lives. If people do not build their own dream, they are loser. They will work for others and help others build dreams.
I want to be a winner. i will try my best to built my own dream and make it come true.

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is in 11 November. This day is for remember the soldiers who died in world war two. It is a very solemn day. People wear poppies on this day, So Remembrance Day as know as Poppies Day. This year’s Poppies Day I was in Vancouver, I have no school in this day, and before this day I decided go to downtown to join the ceremony. Unfortunately, I slept in at that day; I did not catch the ceremony. In the afternoon, I went to Metrotown I saw lots of people took black umbrellas, and wear poppies, this day looks so sad. if I am still in Vancouver for next year’s Remembrance Day, I promise I will never sleep in. I will go to downtown to join the ceremony.

A place i like in Vancouver

“Water front” is the place I like to go. It have several reasons, why I like to go there.

Frist of all, “water front” is very famous in Vancouver. Specifically, everyone travel to Vancouver, they want to go there, because it is a sign of Vancouver. Second reason that I like “water front” is the beautiful views. For instance, one sunny afternoon I went to “water front”, I can feel the breeze blew my cheek, and enjoy the sunshine. Watch the seaplane take off from the water. For me ,it was a wonderful day. Last but not least, there are many conversation and exhibitions. For example, the auto car shows, the cosplay shows. I can learn more and know more  things there.

In conclusion, “water front” is a beautiful place that you can not miss when travel to Vancouver.